How Oral Health Affects Your Overall Health?

Posted by DR. AMI DESAI on Feb 24 2021, 10:24 AM

You might not realize it now, but your oral health impacts your overall health in the long run. As it is said, what you sow today, you reap tomorrow. To lead a healthy and fulfilling lifestyle, you need to consider that your oral health is of utmost importance to you.

Oral health: A gateway to a healthy life

The germs and bacteria that are present in your mouth can hamper the overall development of your body. They can cause severe diseases and health problems at various stages of your life if not looked after at the right time. To protect yourself from any such situation, keep reading!

The connection between oral health and overall health

Your mouth is the gateway to the germs and bacteria into your body. Whatever you eat and drink makes your mouth produce these little organisms. They remain harmless if you follow healthy oral hygiene. If not, then these germs can cause tooth decay and gum diseases, affecting your overall health. 

Researches have shown that people with a weak immune system face many challenges when confronted with harmful germs and bacteria. 

Conditions linked to oral health

The following list of diseases can be linked to your oral health:

  • Endocarditis- The germs from the mouth, when mixed with the bloodstream, reach the heart. This infects the inner lining of the heart chambers or valves and leads to heart diseases. 
  • Pregnancy and birth complications- Some researches show that gum diseases can be linked to premature birth and low birth weight.
  • Pneumonia- The germs from your mouth can reach your lungs and might cause respiratory diseases. 

Above all, your oral health determines your mood. Hence, your mental health is directly related to your oral health. Minor discomfort in your mouth can make you go crazy. Oral diseases make you avoid your favorite dishes and kill your happiness in more ways than you can imagine! 

Tips to protect your health

After reading the above information, we know how desperate you would be to learn ways to protect yourself. However, there is no magic wand that could do that for you. Practice proper oral hygiene to keep these diseases at bay!

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