Dental Fillings: Uses and Types

Posted by DR. AMI DESAI on Nov 30 2020, 04:05 AM

Smile is one of the most important factors in one's personality. And compromising with the smile is not at all an option. A major part of your smile also depends on your oral health, and the kind of teeth you bear. If you have a decayed tooth, then giving a smile with all confidence is just a dream unless you fix it, and in the worst case. It will hamper your self-confidence as well. 

Not paying attention to your oral health is one of the major factors influencing tooth decay, and skipping the dental visit will act as a catalyst in the tooth decaying process. 

The dental filling is the procedure of restoring the decaying tooth. The tooth could be prevented from further decay, restore its proper shape and functionality. If the decayed tooth is left untreated then, it might even lead to removing the tooth. 

Let us look at some of the materials which are used in dental fillings. 

Composite Fillings: It is a mixture of fine glass materials and plastic, which matches the color of the tooth. This is the very reason for them being used for the front teeth and the visible part of the teeth. 

Amalgam Fillings: It is a mixture of metals, including silver and mercury. Since they do not match the color of the teeth, they are used for the back teeth. They are very strong and can last for somewhere around a decade. 

Gold Fillings: These fillings are one of the most durable ones, and the material used is gold. These are also very expensive and durable.

Ceramic Fillings: The material used for this filling is tooth-colored porcelain, which makes it natural.

Glass Ionomer: Glass Ionomers are made of acrylic and a special type of glass material. This filling is very strong and used for a too decayed tooth. 

At Ami Desai, D.D.S., we examine your oral hygiene and determine the best possible solution for you. Depending on the extent of the damage/decay, we will be using a suitable material as a filling. 

Call us at (408) 946-0777 and book an appointment today to restore your beautiful smile at our office in Milpitas, CA.

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