Enhanced Patient Protocol

imgAt the office of Ami Desai, D.D.S., we follow and exceed the recommendations of the CDC, OSHA, and Cal OSHA, to offer our patients the most protective environment for all of your dental care. We pride ourselves routinely on extensive ongoing training protocols daily, monthly, quarterly, and annually. With the COVID-Pandemic we have continued our quest to further enhance our daily protocols to provide the highest level of safety for you, our wonderful patient, our staff.

In addition to our enhanced aerosol protection procedures as described on our website, we have redesigned our entire floor plan to further accommodate social distancing, enhanced our office air filtration system, staggered our appointment scheduling for less concentration of patients and staff in any one area of our office, and reinforced our staff and doctor PPE barriers, all to further enhance the protection of your experience.

The future practice of dentistry in a safe environment can be envisioned in our practice. Dr. Ami Desai and our dedicated staff welcomes you back after "Shelter in Place" to service all of your dental needs. The adversity of the recent global events has led to a deep reflection of the doctors and staff and our need to be stronger and better than ever before for you, our patient.


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